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Opinion about the JDay !

Hey Guys 8D
I'm baaack ♥
.O.M.G. it was AMAZING ! But sooo exhausting!
I met soo many new people : Saki,Sunnie,Sarah,Hacky,Kiuri and soo much more !
And my group was so.. <3 ahw .

We drove 7 hours to visit this day! xD
And slept on the Trainstation .. more or less. On the day it was sooo hot and i don't know how they could went in there cosplays the whole day ! But at the End (in the evening) it was sooo cooold .. x__x
Argh. But the FIREWORK OMFG!1111!!!!elevenelevenoneone!
I don't saw something beautiful like this in my whole life !
Here is the link (for the people who wanna see it) :
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 & THE SHOWDOWN  !!!:



A friend of mine made so much foto's.. so I upload some for u !


Ariel & her friend:


Some Naruto Charakters:


 Don't know who that is xD:


 The same here:


On the left side is MADAME RED ! *o*


Some beautiful costuemes:



On the left side the Character from Elfenlied:


And at the End two Fotos of our Group ♥





31.5.10 20:19


Hey Guys ☆⌒(≧∇≦)⌒☆

So, know i begin my blooog ♥ i know it's in english, (sorry ;o;☆ but i loooooove this language !
And England...such a beautiful place. (Only the food.. urk v__v)
So..  i hope we got a lot of fun  !

With Love , Rosa.



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28.5.10 15:50


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